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April 01, 2009

Alinea at Home Extra: BIG NEWS!!!

It's been KILLING me to not be able to tell you all about this big, exciting change in my life, so I'll let the video below do the talking for us. And by "us" I mean me, and GRANT ACHATZ!!!   (holy crap, you guys)  I'm blown away... completely and totally blown away.  Will write more later... time to work!!!


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Whoa...congrats. And good luck! Sorry DC will be losing you, though. Can't wait to read all about it.

Oh my goodness, Congratulations that is amazing! I'm so glad to be following you through this cool transition.

Holy sh*t! That's awesome Carol! Woo hoo!!!

Happy First of April! Loved the glimpse into Alinea's kitchen! Grant seems like a sweetie.

Also found out that I've been mispronouncing Alinea, oops.

This has potential to be the most epic food-related April Fool's joke. Whether or not it's true, congratulations!

Hilarious, completely awesome, and aaaaalmost believable. Well played, madam!

Congratulations. I've been reading your blog since French Laundry but never commented. My wife and I will be dining at Alinea on 4/17 and we hope to see you there. We have a late reservation at 9:15. Seriously, this gives hope to so many people who love food, love restaurants and love to cook. You are an inspiration.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! How exciting for you. Good luck and I can't wait to read about your cooking adventures in the Alinea kitchen.

I'd be jealous, except that I paid VERY close attention to that post, lol. Reminds me of this unbelievable Keller dish from last April...

Aw, man, I really wish it weren't 4/1 because this'd actually be really cool!

I almost bought it...I almost jumped out of my seat in happiness for you...and then....I saw, in the corner of my little blue eye...the posting date!!! April fools??? You have gotten us, your loyal fans, once too many times...so, you're kidding...right??? I'll jump for you on the second of April if I'm wrong!!

Egads Carol, this is a big deal! Very exciting - congratulations and good luck!!

So you're here in Chicago as of April 1, eh? Beware - it's a cruel, cruel month...


Yet again, you're April Fools merriment kicks ass.



I am thinking you are just pulling our legs. Grant let you work in his kitchen?

Is this for real? The video was way too far laid back and a little "silly" for you to really be "going to work there".

Call my cynical.

I don't even know you personally but I'm so happy for you haha.

From the video, it looks like you're ecstatic but at the same time indifferent because it hasn't fully sunken in yet.

Oh-- but cynical and amused. Don't forget that.

april fools?

I remember last year....

Oh, holy mother of crap- this is surely some sort of April fool's prank?

If not, awesome.

Posted at 12:01 on April 1st, eh?

Wow... congratulations. Not only a great opprotunity, but a job offer when you already have one? In this economy? I have even more respect for you now than I ever did before. :)

This is so cool! So cool, in fact, that I have to call shenanigans on an April Fools' joke. If it's real, then DAMN YOU CAROL BLYMIRE FOR LIVING THE DREAM. If not--then this is really, really quite clever.

Congrats on Grant being in the video. :-) Oh, and the awesome April 1st post!! :-) It'll be the best of the day.

Holy crap! That's totally awesome, Carol. It's really neat to think that someone, like yourself, with talent and determination can get noticed and brought on board by the people who inspired them in the first place.

For real, and not an April Fool's prank?

Well played... very well played... ;-)

While that would be awesome if it were the face, can I be the first awful internet loser to call April Fools?

I'm really hoping this is a joke but that there is a cool *actual* announcement behind it.

wait a minute...what day is this?? :D

I'd be excited, but I won't be as excited for you until the news is repeated on a post NOT listed as being posted on April 1st. ;-)

I am not sure if all news are true since it is April 1st. We will see what really will happen.

Eeeek!! Congrats! You have GOT to be one of the luckiest ladies E.V.E.R!! : ) I'm happy for you

Been following your blog for a few years now and reading the comments so far I have to say it worked yet again...

Happy April Fools Day to you as well. ;-)

Looks like someone else got in the act...although not as subtle as you: http://varmintbites.com/2009/03/31/grant-achatz-to-introduce-southern-molecular-gastronomy-to-raleigh/

I'm so amused by all these congratulatory comments. Dudes, it's April 1st.

In other news, you're so East Coast in mannerisms or speech patterns or something. As a Californian, it's so noticeable. Also, awesome.

april fools...

You did get me for a little while. I was starting to get worried for you about how you were going to survive working in a professional kitchen.

Then I remembered april fools. :)


Wow!!! Congrats and good luck! What an amazing thing! I'm not sure I've ever been so excited for someone I've never even talked to before. :-)

wow, congratulations! that's really crazy...i am sure that you will learn a ton, and i wish you luck on the journey.

April fool? I think this is even better than last year's!

Wow, that's WILD.

I've been following your blog posts since French Laundry at Home (never posted a comment before) and am a big fan. I was so excited for you I had to post.

Is this going to be a full-time gig? Is it open ended? Will you be the official internet presence of Alinea? Fill us in on the details!

i agree with anita. 12:01 am on april 1st? i haven't been reading your blog for long but i think i might be most impressed by this.

I'll bet this is an April Fools post. Much, much more cruel to your loyal readers than the previous ones! ;)

Congratulations on this.. momentous... day!!.. *giggle*

April Fools!! Good one!!

wow, today of all the days... Congrats. :O)

Happy April Fool's Day??!

Umm. Hate to point out that this is April Fool's day...

P.S. Ficke, I would not have pegged you as the sort.

Carol, what fantastic, stupendous news! Such an exciting change and challenge - still in bed - gonna hop out and do a little dance of joy for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) ~H

Nice April Fool's joke. Kudo's to Grant for playing along.

Flippin' Fantastic News!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to read the stories!!

I guess it's true that you can never go wrong with duct tape.

Wow! That is amazing! Good luck and I cannot wait to read about more of your adventures. (And, seriously, "a smoking gun"?)

That is so totally AFD!!! Awesome!

what's todays date? :P

WOOT!!! Yay! That's the coolest news ever! Now I have a real *REAL* reason to go to Chicago! Good luck, can't wait to read all about it :-)

I'm so happy that you are able to celebrate life and enjoy each and every day, especially this one. Only a fool wouldn't take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Congrats!

Congratulations. What an amazing turn of events. It will be exciting to follow this transition! Best of luck to you.

Queen for a day? I am so happy to read that April First has brought such wonderful news. My email tells me that a Nigerian Prince wants to marry me and give me millions, and I don't even have to "change teams" .. but your news is much better!

Don't you guys know what day it is today? And...it's Carol.

Carol, that's wonderful!

You should totally introduce Grant to your chicken stack-ups with fruited nectar salad!

Wow! Congrats Carol! I've been reading your blogs since FL. Thanks for sharing your journey, it has been superb and this is only another door of many that will open for you. I'm dining at Alinea on 5/20, hope you are on the line so that I can meet the new celebrity!

Congrats, Carol... that is so cool. Grant knows what the rest of us has always known... that YOU ROCK. :D

Nothing but best wishes for you... and do keep us posted when you can!

wait just a second... Today's April Fool's Day.... LMAO

Why do I get the sinking feeling that this is a April Fools?

If not, then EPIC WIN!

April fools?

Big news... on April 1.... hmmmmmm.....

April Fool's, eh?

if not, congrats!

April fools...?

Oh, I love April 1.

Am I the only one who remembers the infamous French Laundry cease-and-desist letter of April 1, 2008?

Hmmm.... being familiar with past early April postings (Thomas Keller's "cease and desist," anyone?), I'm guessing this is an awesome April Fool's Day joke on us. :)

WOW. That is amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am, and even though you haven't actually really blogged about this, this is now my favorite blog. HUZZAH and congrats!

Just so you know, it is April 1st.

April Fool's Day, right? If no, wow, love your work, congratulations! And if yes, wow, I still love your work. More than ever, in fact.

Congrats Carol. Takoma Park will miss you.

Boy, you managed to fool a lot of people! And it's way cool that you got GA in on the joke! Good job! Happy April Fool's Day!

OH. MY. GOD!!!! You must be so excited! That's an AMAZING development - a thousand congratulations, and I can't wait to watch the blog turn into Alinea At Work! :-D

HURRAH!!!! Carol, how absolutely AMAZING and no one, but no one, deserves this more than YOU!!! So exciting and I can't wait to hear/read/see all about it!!! What an incredible, life-changing event--one you worked hard for and so nice to see the pay off!

Holy $%&&)@$! Wow, carol, very awesome to be right there in the kitchen at Alinea!

I'll hold the champagne celebration for a day or so though... it is April 1st after all...;)

Anyone who reads Carol's blog knows that she is notorious for April Fool's jokes.

I'm just sayin'...

hilarious for AFD.

Is Grant having you make special suckers to give out today?


Good one Carol...

Hmmm, you had me until the blow torch, labeler and duct tape came out. Could this be a lil ol' April Fool's joke? Not that you don't deserve the gig--I wouldn't attempt a single recipe from that book!

I recommend a first signature dish involving tree-harvested spaghetti. Would be an ideal initial use for the tools shown in the video.

{The comments form will not allow me to include a link for sourcing of tree-harvested spaghetti, but a quick google will solve that.}

Happy April Fools!

Someone already fooled me once today. You won't be the second, although it would be fun to move to Chicago.

Congratulations! That's incredible. And scary.



That's amazing! And on April 1st as well, what are the odds of something so out of the blue happening on April 1st? Hmmmm.... Isn't this the same woman who had her blog "closed down" one April 1st?


And even more so that it was posted a minute into April 1st..

April Fools? Or real good news?

It's April 1, folks.

Great April's Fool joke -- hat's off! : )

Uuuuhhhm... April Fools? :-)

April Fools?!

Fantastic news!!!

Congratulations. What is even more impressive than the new gig was that you were able to keep it secret.

Woo Hoo!!!

I'll reserve judgement until I see what's posted on April second. :P

Hmm, that's funny news, on April 1st. Hope it's not a hoax!

ummm...dont guys realize what day of the year it is.

(and if i am wrong... congrats...but i dont think I am)

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