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April 01, 2009

Alinea at Home Extra: BIG NEWS!!!

It's been KILLING me to not be able to tell you all about this big, exciting change in my life, so I'll let the video below do the talking for us. And by "us" I mean me, and GRANT ACHATZ!!!   (holy crap, you guys)  I'm blown away... completely and totally blown away.  Will write more later... time to work!!!


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"Duct tape... just in case!"
"I'm all about the syringe!" "Keep it clean..."
"Label maker... cuz you like to be organized!"

Congrats on the BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKE in the history of EVER!!!

I'm here in Chicago, also. So we are totally missing out on the spaghetti harvest in Italy! I'm really bummed - I hear this year's crop is so good, the branches on the spaghetti trees are breaking. The BBC had this whole piece on the harvest.... ( ;^) )!!!

(You realize you now have to do a post about the taping, er, video taping and such. It's great of ChefG to go along with it. Are there Ferran Adrià el Día de los Santos Inocentes videos on the web? I think not!)

hahaha, you are good. like, really really good. you even fooled ruhlman!

booo on april fools! I so hope that this isn't a really great April Fools prank! I'm so gullable...and I've been so happy all day for you. :)

First thought: What in the world will Bloomie do without you?
Second thought: What will your neighbor boys ever do without Auntie Carol's crazy foods? And come on, blow torches, that was classic.
Ah-ha thought: Frickin' April Fools Day.

As a gullable lover of good gags, thanks for the fun!

Is the rest of the video making something with vienna sausages and Peeps? Served on duct tape?

I was wondering why this video hadn't been posted yet, seeing as how I am somewhere in the background loitering... Now I get it. Ha.

I LOVE reading your blog. This is my first time posting. Congratulations on the new assignment! It sounds so exciting. We'll be here waiting to read your extremely witty and insightful writing accompanied by great photos. Your writing is exactly how I think... :-)

OMG I so believed it until I read "Kudo's to Grant for playing along" in the post above, and did a double take and said, wait playing along, I don't get it? Durrr. WOW, and I thought I totally escaped getting pranked this year.

*shakes fist at Carol*

Carol, I know. . . APRIL FOOL'S!!!

I almost fell for it... Almost....


yeah after tfl at home cease and desist letter this wasnt gonna work

although getting ruhlman involved was a nice touch

The LENGTHS you go for a prank!
Well played.....
I hope it was a joke.. because if not CONGRATS!

Holy Crap. Amazing. Good Luck.

It's always amazing to me the opportunities one manifests upon oneself by writing a witty and well crafted blog.

Ha ha, nice one Carol! At first I was like, "Wait, what?" with one eyebrow raised, like Mr. Spock. Then I remembered what day it was. That was cool that you got Grant to play along. I laugh at all the people apparently fooled by your ploy!

Great joke; you fooled the Internet Food Association - http://internetfoodassociation.com/2009/04/02/improper-analogies/ - incriminating material has since been removed, though.

Man, I was totally fooled. I forgot completely what day it was. Getting Grant to go along with it was fabulous, though.

Best April Fools Day since last year. It is obvious that you rule at the April Fools Joke. Loved the Duct Tape. Priceless!

I MUST remember to tell you about Sharon's reaction. Ho-ly CRAP! Too funny... :-)

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