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June 26, 2009

A Short Break...


RIP Jake
10/25/94 - 6/25/09

Be back in a few days...


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Oh no! So sad, I'll miss seeing Jake appear in random shots- your little soux chef.

Carol, I am so sorry. What a loss.

What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss. Be well.

Oh Carol, I'm so sorry... I lost my older cat just a few weeks ago and am still v distraught. *hugs*

Sorry to hear about Jake, Carol. Such a sweet dog, and what a void losing a pet creates.

Our thoughts are with you today.

Carol, I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you comforting thoughts in the meantime.

I am so sorry...what a sweetheart he looks to be. I've shed a tear for you...

I am so sorry for your loss Carol. Pets give us so much love, losing them is extremely tough.


What a truly beautiful doggie. I'll bet he was a wonderful faithful friend. I'm saddened to learn of your loss and hope you'll take all the time you need. Your appreciators will understand. :-) Peace to you. - Dean

Oh, Carol, I am so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry Carol. I can't imagine losing my pup.

So, so sorry for the loss of your pup :(

My thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Take care of yourself.

Wishing you peace.

I'm so, so sorry Carol...hugs to you. What a sweet little guy.

I'm very sorry for your loss. Please take care. -- Jean

Oh, Carol. I'm so sorry for your loss. As "mom" to a dog that is more child than pet, I can only fathom your grief. My thoughts are with you.

I love your blog, and I am so sorry to hear that your beloved friend has passed away. He is beautiful. My condolences to you and to sweet Jake.

My condolences go out to you, Carol! <3 Take care of yourself.

So very sorry for your loss. I grew up with dachsunds and I know that he must have been such a wonderful dog.

I'm so sorry, Carol. All of my condolences to you in this most difficult time.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. He was gorgeous. :( Thoughts with you.

Carol, my deepest condolences. I have two dogs myself, and very much feel your loss. I'm sorry.

Carol, I'm so sorry about Jake. My cats are my kids so I know how you feel. Take care! *hugs*

I'm truly sorry for your loss, Carol.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I can't imagine losing my Boston Terrier. My thoughts are with you.

I too have beloved dachshunds (smooth, red)--they are amazing dogs--they make you fall totally in love with them and then they break your heart by leaving you way too early. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

Sorry for your loss. I lost my Black Lab to cancer two years ago and miss him still very much. You can take comfort in he had a good life and was loved very much.


Oh, Carol, my heart goes out to you! My cat just died two weeks shy of her 20th birthday. Pets are a joy and a comfort and company. Take all the time you need. Can you tell us a little about Jake? What he liked and didn't like to eat? He was a lucky guy to have you!

Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like a long life, though, and getting to eat your table scraps means it must have been a very happy one.

I'm so sorry Carol. Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved golden Labrador, Lucky, a year ago this August and the hole in my heart is just now beginning to scar over-- with a Labrador-shaped scar. I take comfort in the idea of the "Rainbow Bridge," and my beloved pets waiting for me there so that we may spend eternity together. (There will be a smooth, red, mini doxie waiting for me there, too. Her name is Hilda.)

I'm so sorry : (

I am so sorry about Jake.

Remember how brave we are to make room in our hearts and our homes for creatures we are destined to outlive. The heartbreak is worth it.

You will love him always.

Carol, I am sorry to read of the loss of your little dog friend. I hope your memories of him help ease the pain of his passing.

We're so lucky we have them. And I'm sure you gave him a good life.

My thoughts are with you.

I'm totally bawling for you right now. It is worth it though, right? It has to be.

I am de-lurking to express my deepest condolences. From the looks of him, Jake lived a long, and more importantly, happy life. Please take time for yourself to mourn and to heal.

I am sure no pup was ever more cherished than Jake.
Maybe this community can bring you small comfort, as it did me when I lost my beloved little ball of fur.


You Are Loved,

I am so very sorry. Someone will have to clobber me over the head with a blunt object when my doggerds go. Hope you're doing OK. I'm sure he brought you so much joy. I wish for you to you keep that joy foremost in your heart and that you find some peace there. He was a lucky little man to have been so well loved. Big hugs.

So sorry. ***hug***

Oh, I am so sorry. We lost our Banshee last month. He was my first dog, ever and it truly broke my heart. Just know that you gave Jake a wonderful life, and he loved you.

Carol, I am sorry about Jake, he looks like a sweet dog. We lost our golden retriever of the same age earlier this month and it is hard to adjust to the empty house. You are in my thoughts, take care.

so sorry, I know how it feels . It is terrible . I promise It will get better.
I have two Italian greyhounds and they are my kids.

Carol, I am so sorry for your loss. RIP, Jake.

Carol I am sorry for your loss. Jake made several appearances in pictures on this blog and every time I saw him I smiled - having grown up with dachshunds they hold a special place in my heart. My family lost our beloved Golden Retriever who had been my mom's hearing aid dog for 11 years just last week.

So sorry. We lost our Bonnie nearly a year ago, and we still miss her. Take care.

I love the picture - what a sweet little dog! So sorry for your loss.

The pain sometimes seems unbearable with our furbabies, but they are worth it. My heart has been broken before by the sudden loss of pet, and time does heal all wounds. I wish you peace.

Delurking to share my condolences about the loss of Jake. My dog and I send you hugs during your time of grieving.

Hi, I'm Indigo, a new fan. Was surprised how strongly I felt about Jake's passing. It's been ten years now, but the antics of my braindead mongrel Sam still make me smile. I miss him, but in a positive way. Take care, Indigo

breaks my heart. best wishes and good thoughts your way.

Ah, jeez. Nothing to say except I'm so sorry. Been there and it just stinks.

I am so sorry. My furball is my baby too, and I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose her. Take care.

I am so sorry for your loss.

We have a brindle-colored dachsund named Sadie that we rescued from an animal shelter. She is the light of our lives.

I had noticed pictures of Jake in your blog previously. Thanks for sharing those pics with us.

Doug B.

Sorry for your loss. Take care.

From one dog mama to another, my heart goes out to you. Your boy was one special beast and he had an awesome mom. Now I'm off to get a tissue....

I am so sorry for your loss. Best wishes as you deal with such heartbreak.

Sorry for your loss.

So sorry, Carol. Been there and know how much it hurts.

So sorry, Carol. Lost my 16 y/o best friend in October. Still miss him when I walk in the door some days.

I'm so sorry - as a dedicated lover of my past and current pets I understand. Will be devastated when my 9 year old current fellow moves on (though I'm trying to deny that this could ever happen). Unconditional fuzzy love is the best.

Honey, my thoughts are with you. Dogs...They're such a normal part of your everyday life that they seem absorbed by your consciousness as a constant, so that you can't necessarily remember exactly what they did yesterday, or how they looked at you with adoration when you gave them something tasty. And then they're gone and you fully realize the magnitude of their presence in your life, and their absence. I know that Jake was loved by you and that's all he really wanted in life. Take care of yourself.

My heart is breaking for you. I'm so sorry.

What a beautiful boy. Take care.

Oh no-Carol, oh no.
I am so very sorry, pets are like children and it hurts so, so much.
Take care...

So very sorry...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. The wee pix of Jake sneaked in around the food shots were a delight. I'm so sad for you

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts.

I'm so sorry. My mom had to unexpectedly put her dog down two months ago and it broke all of our hearts. My deepest sympathy goes out to you. {{hugs}}


My sincere condolences. Jake looked like a very special dog.
I still remember the laugh he gave me when I saw him peeping out from behind the counter in your November 2008 entry on Sea Urchins. My mom wanted to know why I was laughing, and when she came over to see why, she said, "Oh, look! Carol dropped a hot dog on the floor."
He was certainly a cutie. Take care, and we're thinking of you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My parents just had to put down their sweet cat - they'd had him since about 1994, too. He was definitely a part of our family.

I'm so sorry for your loss of Jake. Our beloved pets bring us so much love and joy and it's absolutely heartbreaking when they leave us. I'm glad Jake found his way to you so he could have the most wonderful life possible.

So sorry to hear about Jake. The cruel thing about pets is that they are with us for entirely too short a time. Their unquestioning love is not easily replaced. We lost our "side of the road Redneck dog" Rufus to stomach cancer a couple of years ago, and thought we couldn't ever replace him. We never did replace him- though we now have Mojo- A huge goofball of a Great Pyrenees, who will never be Rufus. the great part is- he doesn't have to be- He has filled the hole in our hearts just by being himself. I wish the same for you when you feel up to it. All we can do is be grateful for the time we have them with us.
Be well.

Sniff. I'm so sorry for the loss of your pup.

I am so sorry Carol, all the best.

Such a dapper, handsome boy. Losing a pet is like no other loss. You're losing someone for whom, you were their whole world. And the most important thing to remember is that you made his world full and sweet and wonderful.

Although I don't know you, I am terribly sorry for your loss.


Carol, so sorry for your loss. We just lost our dog Zeus back in April - he and Jake were the same age - and we still miss him greatly. Sincerest condolences.


My thoughts are with you at what I know is an impossible time. He was a beautiful boy.

Carol, I just found your French Laundry blog, which in turn led me to Alinea at Home...and the loss of your pooch Jake...and that beautiful picture...
So very sorry - heartfelt condolences to you - I could not imagine losing my Blarney...
Be well, Carol...(from a new fan)...

Carol, I'm truly sorry to hear about Jake. He looked like such a sweet boy.

I only saw this today....

I am so very sorry, Carol. Not sure what else to say.

Just saw this now, haven't checked by in a while.

So sorry for your loss. Never an easy thing to lose a loved one.

Great to see you back cooking up a storm.

Hi Carol,
Just saw this. Very sorry about your loss. I'm going through an old dog issue right now as well. It could be a brain tumor. He's 14 1/2.
It's just the worst.
Hope your days get better soon,

Sweet cousin, I just saw this and am so, so sad and sick to hear about Jake. He was such a dear little guy and I know you must feel a huge sense of loss. Sending love and hugs to you.

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