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December 21, 2009

SNOW!!! (and some celery)

So, remember my lovely, lovely table in the backyard, where I ate many a summer breakfast and drank many an evening glass of wine?  This table?  The one my brother made for me, and I love so, so much?


It looks like this, now:

Tarped and covered with two feet of snow.


Last winter, I wrote this post about how I feel about snow, so I'll spare you my waxing rhapsodic about it all over again.  Also? My neighbors hosted a blizzard potluck party last night, and about 40 of us here in the 'hood spent 6-7 hours eating, drinking, laughing, drinking some more, which was followed by some more drinking, and the sound of my fingers hitting my laptop keyboard right now is at Gatling-like levels, so I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet.

Instead, I'll torture you with a video of my eating celery during what was one of the more mild moments of the blizzard:

Thanks, Linda, for filming it!

Like I said in the video, we're about $600 short of the $8,000 milestone -- the one where I tap-dance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  So, let's get there.  Surely, they'll have plowed and shoveled enough for me to dance up a storm this week or next.

Quick recap:

  • When we reach $1,000 in donations, I'll eat a handful of cilantro.
  • At the $2,500 mark, I'll eat 6 raw oysters. [we're really close, and I'm really afraid]
  • At the $5,000 milestone, I'll eat tripe soup. [click here for how awful this is gonna be]
  • At the $6,500 milestone, I'll eat some celery.  WITH NOTHING ELSE ON IT.
  • Raise $8,000 (meeting last year's donations) and I'll tap dance in front of the White House.  Yes, I own tap shoes, and no, I haven't used them since 1986.
  • Think we can get to $10,000?  If so, I'll eat a softshell crab with a side of durian.
  • At $12,500, I'll videotape myself singing some really awful song at karaoke -- New Kids on the Block, Milli Vanilli, Celine Dion, Tone Loc...
  • Reach $15,000, and I'll go work the line in a restaurant.
  • If we go above $30,000, I'll sweeten the giveaway pot and take one lucky donor to Alinea for dinner sometime in 2010.
  • And, if we reach $100,000 in donations to Share Our Strength, I'll not just change my name to Alinea Blymire, I'll take it one step further: I'll legally change my name to the different sized circles on the Alinea menu.  Don't believe I'll do it?  TRY ME.  Prince ain't got nothin' on me.

Coming soon: A blog post in which I cook something!!  Most likely Pork, grapefruit, sage, honeycomb.


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Oh man I love snow almost as much as you do! I need to go make a snowman outside my house before it all melts.

Ok... that is friggin adorable. I totally do that dance too!

Carol, this is the cutest thing I have seen for a while; it got me smiling...cause in Montreal it's 75 F....

just kidding...

A noble deed for a worthy cause! And just plain CUTE!!


Congrats, again, on spreading the word about Share Our Strength and I hope to see you tap dancing in front of the White House very soon!

Well I'm glad somebody likes snow. And it certainly makes me grateful that we do NOT have that much snow here in Wyoming.

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