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November 15, 2010

Tomatos, poatatos, beans, peas, water

My parents came for a visit yesterday and brought with them the index card on which I wrote my very first recipe (Age 6):

Souper Soup

Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Seeing this card reminded me that my brother, Jon, and I used to play restaurant when we were little, and I remembered writing a menu for it.  More specifically, I remember removing my class photo from the pearly-glossy-cardboard frame it came in, and turning it into the menu, and hoping I wouldn't get in trouble for doing it.  After about 20 minutes of going through some boxes in the attic, I found it (Age 7; 2nd Grade):

Menu Cover
Dear Anyone With Artistic Talent, I'm so sorry....

Restruant.  Nice.

That was the cover.  Here's the inside:


At least I spelled everything correctly, but I'm cracking up over the fake-French-accent-thingy after the "t" of Parfait, and how I thought I could make it even more French-sounding by adding an extra "L" to my name.

And to all the fooderati who thought they declared bacon a hot trend, I think I had you beat.  My "restruant" was SOLD OUT of our awesome bacon all the way back in 1975.  So suck it, all you baconphiles.

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I love this so so much.

So cool that you have these! I would do the same thing on Sunday mornings when my parents slept in. When I took their order, I had to tell them that the omelette machine was broken, because I didn't know what an omelette was, so I didn't want them to order one!

Your prices are INCREDIBLE. Must have had low overhead...

This totally cracked me up. How fun!

First of all, this is history, so you should keep it in safe place from now, not in the attic. Second – frame it! This is way better looking than diplomas and other scientific stuff on our walls :)

I'm feeling very nostalgic for 70's pricing. And impressed at how healthy your menu choices were. Carrot sticks? Well done you.

Like I always say, you can't spell "restruant" without "truant." :)

It looks like you had a little breakfast and lunch thing happening.
Writing a good menu is not that easy. You have a nice balance between meat and veg, but you didn't forget the dessert.
Also, no wonder you ran out of bacon at .35 cents, good price.

What a find! Your menu is cracking me up. And I love that you tried to be French. That's just too, too funny.

Adorable!! I love the super soup recipe.

OMG, talk about a blast from the past! I used to do that same thing when I was in jr. high. I had totally forgotten about it until this post. Guess it makes sense that years later, I'd come to love cooking and being in the kitchen. Thanks Carol - trips down memory lane are fun! :)

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