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January 17, 2011

Bad dancing? Let me show you it.


The Alinea at Home Share Our Strength fundraising campaign has officially ended.  In the next few hours, I'll have the final total from the team at SOS.

Watch your email this week to see if you're one of the lucky winners of the many generously donated prizes, including dinner for four at Alinea.

Once all the winners have been notified and confirmed, I'll announce everything here on the blog.

Stay tuned....



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Forget John D. Rockefeller, Carol, you just might be the greatest philanthropist of all time.

AH-mazing! Thank you, Carol!

Loved this. Loved it.

Exceptional! Congrats on $10,000

Huh. Bad dancing? How bad could it possibly...no, no, no, NONONONONONO! *stops video, fixes strong drink and ponders the future of the human race*

You're my hero! :)

Congratulations on making $10,000. Totally awesome!!

That look like a lot of fun and a great workout. I notice the dog wasn't in to it though...

Absolutely fabulous.

I thought that was going to be a lot more embarrassing for you. It really wasn't THAT bad! Maybe if I could see what you were supposed to be doing...

FERRIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was awesome! I had a 7-year-old beat me at that stuff. It is humbling...
Congrats on the fundraising!

Actually, you were pretty damned good!

OMG this is hilarious!!!

Carol...you have made my year. This put the biggest smile on my face, and thank you for raising so much for a truly wonderful cause.

Er, not to be pedantic, but you, like, totally cheated on your promise. You said you'd videotape yourself dancing to the Michael Jackson game. And yet the angle makes it quite clear, you did not videotape yourself; somebody *else* held the camera. Ha! Zing! Liar liar pants (and Chef Achatz's sweet fall-harvest branch) on fire! (...Other than that, congratulations, and so forth.)

Most awesome rendition of "Thriller" by a woman named Carol EVER!!!!!!! You rock.

I am sad I missed this one. We'll catch up next time. Great initiative btw!

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