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January 14, 2011

Noma: I cooked from it.

I cooked from the Noma cookbook, and lived to tell about it.

You can read all about it here:

The Washington Post: "Tales of the Testers: What About 'Noma?"

And, some photos, in case you're interested:




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Congrats and great write up! BTW - you forgot to add your "Holy crap, I think I might like celery" tag to this post! 2 successes in one recipe.

[You're so right! Adding that tag now. :) -- CB]

When I first looked at the last photo, I thought "oh my God, now she's eating green caterpillars." Not to worry, it's just celery! Sounds like you were underwhelmed by this experience but kudos for taking it on.

I am trying hard to find the book. Since they are no1, anything with their name on it is hard to find. I am excited by the idea of trying many of their recipes.

Wow. That looks kinda scary. Good job.

Does this mean we will be seeing "Noma at Home" anytime in the future?

I ordered the book and it's on its way but it's looking like it'll stay on the coffee table for some time ...

Nice. I think cooking is everybody's passion. And it is just so interesting to note that there are a lot of resources to improve our cooking passion.

Västerbotten cheese is available at any IKEA store.

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