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April 01, 2011

I'm no fool, and neither are you...

Oh, you guys ...

I had not one, but TWO April Fool's Day stunts in the works.  TWO, I tell ya.

They were/are phenomenally hilarious. (but I'm not telling you what they were)

For reasons I cannot go into, I had to pull the plug on both due to circumstances (of the other participants) beyond my control, and a production timeline that was hampered by unforseen travel mishaps and scheduling hiccups.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Then, literally minutes after the pranks fell apart, it looked like something even better was going to shake out -- a major, national broadcast media outlet was supposed to come to my house yesterday to cook with me and do a feature story that would run over the weekend.  So, it wouldn't have made sense for a prank post to be up anyway, and instead, it would have been a really fun news story with a great accompanying post.

And THEN, that got the very-last-minute kibosh because of breaking news elsewhere in the world (::: shakes fist at Qaddafi :::), so here I am.  Prankless.  Postless.

Photo 19

So, what can we do today?

Here's an idea: how 'bout you let me gloat for one minute about something nice Richard Blais said about me in his Washington Post live chat yesterday, and I'll make it worth your while.

Check this out:

Picture 1

I SQUEEEEEEED out loud, passed out and died, then came back to life and died again. And now, I've come back to life again to squuueeeee some more.  So, so, so, so nice of him.  Bee-tee-dubs, if you're interested in the end-of-Top-Chef-season video chat I did with WaPo food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick yesterday that's here.

Okay, so now let's make the rest of this post all about you.  You, you, YOU!!

Remember when I was raising money for Share Our Strength, and I danced along to the Michael Jackson Wii game?  Wellllll, the good folks at Ubisoft saw the video, got in touch to tell me they loved it, and sent two copies of The Michael Jackson Experience (for Wii) to give away to YOU!  It's a really fun game, with all of MJ's great tunes from the 70s and 80s, and the only thing more fun than playing it is watching other people play it.

I've also got three brand spankin' new copies of Grant Achatz' memoir Life, on the Line that need to find permanent homes with some of you.

So that's five -- count 'em -- FIVE things I'm gonna give away over the next few days to make up for the fact that I am a prankless April Fool.

How can you win?



Say hi.

Tell me a joke.

Sing me a song.

Write a haiku.

Tell me how your day is.

What are you doing this weekend?

How's the weather?

Who's going to win the White House in 2012?

Are you as angry about Mad Men being delayed as I am?

Say something, anything in the comments. 

But really, if you've been hanging out here for awhile and haven't ever commented, we'd all love a hey and hello.

This giveaway is open to everyone, so let 'er rip.  I'll probably wrap it all up on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, when I hope to have a new food post up.  Gotta do something with all the chicken skin and truffles I've got lying around, now that a certain Libyan leader is HOGGING ALL MY PRESS COVERAGE.

Have at it in the comments -- go!

And, if you'd like to relive some April Fools moments, here's a trip down Memory Lane:

Alinea at Home, on the Road!

Alinea at Home Extra: BIG NEWS!!!

French Laundry at Home Forced to Close: Final Post



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So- this weekend. Starting backwards- I groaned my way painfully into bed on Sunday night- knowing there was simply NOT going to be great sleep. The weekend was productive- but not the way I would have wanted it to be. My wife did a 5K, had may daughters 10th Birthday party at a lake with paddleboats, and did like 9 loads of laundry. I on the other hand- after planning to have folks over for yet another Iron Chef style cook off, (Folks bring food, and I and a couple of other foodie friends whip up whatever we can using the assembled food) Oh, and then there is the drinking...but I digress...
Instead of that- one of our cats decided to pee on the carpeting in my daughters room, so I decided it was the right time to yank it, and put down the hardwood flooring that I have done throughout the rest of the house. No time like the present. So, 2 days later- its done except for the base board trim, and holy sweet mother of your, mine, and even the athiest's lord does my body hurt. The floor, fortunately, looks spectacular. Damn- I am getting old.
The evening of cooking and frivolity will be rescheduled- but not until I can physically raise a glass again...

There once was a woman named Blymire
Whose food situation was dire
She learned from great books
And some world class cooks
And now blog lurkers she does inspire

First Post! (I think)

Only have a few seconds, so here's one of my favorite HA HAs: (WARNING...a bit tacky)

How do you tell if a h00ker is ticklish?

Give her a test-tickle.

Hi Carol!! I wanted to comment anyway to let you know that reading through the back catalog of The French Laundry at Home inspired me to cook a 5 course meal for my birthday this weekend. I took some of your suggestions and made Bacon & Eggs (OMG DELICIOUS), Haricots Verts & Tomato Tartare (How have I gone this long with Tomato Confit in my life?), Skate Wing with Braised Cabbage & Mustard Sauce (so excited to find Skate, so disappointed when it smelled like Ammonia. Luckily I bought Halibut as a back-up), Strawberry Shortcake (no words) & Peanut Butter Truffles (which my office is enjoying right now). So THANK YOU for braving all those recipes and lighting the way for people like me. Who knows- maybe Alinea dishes are in my future!

I *am* upset about the delay on Mad Men, but I am overjoyed it is going to return eventually. Also, I like your blog.

hey carol :D

i've been reading your posts since French Laundry at Home and your blogs really inspired me -although it's not easy to cook alinea's dishes where I live (i'm from Brazil, really hard to find some ingredients around here). anyway, keep up the good work :)

Love your blog! It's lots of fun and I check it all the time! Keep up the great work.

Have been lurking for years - I still remember the chicken stack-ups AFD post with affection - and will use this opportunity to crawl out of the woodwork. You inspired me to try a few things from The French Laundry cookbook, including those wonderful sweet potato agnolotti, and I've been hooked on your wonderful, quirky writing ever since.

As for what I did this weekend ... I'm a surgical fellow training in robotics in the Detroit, Michigan area, and I have a submission deadline for abstracts for a conference looming on the horizon. So naturally, I spent the weekend playing with my two-year-old daughter. And I was the richer for it. :)

Carol I delurk
to write this haiku
thanks for the fun

hmmm...not one for the record books I fear :)
You are great and a true inspiration - keep up with what you do!
Ovations from Germany,

While I've been reading your amazing writing and convincing others to read it as well for years, the closest I've ever come to commenting is falling for the last 4-1 and sharing it all over Facebook. Yea, I'm wicked gullible.

Since you asked so nicely, here I am, HI! Hope all is well.

Delurking! I love Just Dance and would love the MJ game even more, me thinks. I've been following you for a couple of years now and I don't think I've ever posted, so "hi! love you. love your blog!"

I haven't commented before, but I have read all of this blog and the french laundry at home. I love reading both and have been very inspired to try more involved recipes. I don't have a wii but would really enjoy Grant Achatz' memoir.

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