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April 01, 2011

I'm no fool, and neither are you...

Oh, you guys ...

I had not one, but TWO April Fool's Day stunts in the works.  TWO, I tell ya.

They were/are phenomenally hilarious. (but I'm not telling you what they were)

For reasons I cannot go into, I had to pull the plug on both due to circumstances (of the other participants) beyond my control, and a production timeline that was hampered by unforseen travel mishaps and scheduling hiccups.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Then, literally minutes after the pranks fell apart, it looked like something even better was going to shake out -- a major, national broadcast media outlet was supposed to come to my house yesterday to cook with me and do a feature story that would run over the weekend.  So, it wouldn't have made sense for a prank post to be up anyway, and instead, it would have been a really fun news story with a great accompanying post.

And THEN, that got the very-last-minute kibosh because of breaking news elsewhere in the world (::: shakes fist at Qaddafi :::), so here I am.  Prankless.  Postless.

Photo 19

So, what can we do today?

Here's an idea: how 'bout you let me gloat for one minute about something nice Richard Blais said about me in his Washington Post live chat yesterday, and I'll make it worth your while.

Check this out:

Picture 1

I SQUEEEEEEED out loud, passed out and died, then came back to life and died again. And now, I've come back to life again to squuueeeee some more.  So, so, so, so nice of him.  Bee-tee-dubs, if you're interested in the end-of-Top-Chef-season video chat I did with WaPo food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick yesterday that's here.

Okay, so now let's make the rest of this post all about you.  You, you, YOU!!

Remember when I was raising money for Share Our Strength, and I danced along to the Michael Jackson Wii game?  Wellllll, the good folks at Ubisoft saw the video, got in touch to tell me they loved it, and sent two copies of The Michael Jackson Experience (for Wii) to give away to YOU!  It's a really fun game, with all of MJ's great tunes from the 70s and 80s, and the only thing more fun than playing it is watching other people play it.

I've also got three brand spankin' new copies of Grant Achatz' memoir Life, on the Line that need to find permanent homes with some of you.

So that's five -- count 'em -- FIVE things I'm gonna give away over the next few days to make up for the fact that I am a prankless April Fool.

How can you win?



Say hi.

Tell me a joke.

Sing me a song.

Write a haiku.

Tell me how your day is.

What are you doing this weekend?

How's the weather?

Who's going to win the White House in 2012?

Are you as angry about Mad Men being delayed as I am?

Say something, anything in the comments. 

But really, if you've been hanging out here for awhile and haven't ever commented, we'd all love a hey and hello.

This giveaway is open to everyone, so let 'er rip.  I'll probably wrap it all up on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, when I hope to have a new food post up.  Gotta do something with all the chicken skin and truffles I've got lying around, now that a certain Libyan leader is HOGGING ALL MY PRESS COVERAGE.

Have at it in the comments -- go!

And, if you'd like to relive some April Fools moments, here's a trip down Memory Lane:

Alinea at Home, on the Road!

Alinea at Home Extra: BIG NEWS!!!

French Laundry at Home Forced to Close: Final Post



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We just found Treme on HBO On Demand. They had David Chang, Rippert, Colichio, and DuFresne come in the "struggling chef's" place at John Besh's recommendation. The show is in New Orleans and has a good food background. Hey Carol, you watch this series or have any other TV things that caught your attention, lately?
I am a little bummed that you couldn't catch me off guard this year, but scoring a copy of Grant and Nick's book would be great...unless you are yanking our chains. Not being a member if the Wii or Michael Jackson demographic puts me in a position for the REAL McCOY of jokes to befall me if I were to win that pricey prize. Better Luck next year.

You know? I've never commented. However, I've been reading you since, like, forever. I've never tried any of the recipes (too intimidating) but I did buy The Flavor Thesaurus a couple of months ago and am hoping that helps me surprise my husband sometime in the near future. (He makes the food; I do the clean-up. How lucky can a girl get?!)

In any case, I thought you might like to know just how broad your fan base has become...

Take good care!

Ok, ok, I'm delurking. You got nailed me. I've been anxiously awaiting 4-1 and ready to pounce just to see what great treat you set up for us. Not to worry - every post is a delight. Happy April 1! It's your own special holiday. Cheers.

Hey Carol,
I don't think I've ever commented before, but I'm also a huge fan and I love your blog and everything you do! Eagerly awaiting the next Alinea food post...

I am going to enjoy the fact that it's finally above freezing here in the great white north, and then go to a hipster concert at the university so I can feel old.

Honestly Carol? I'm just as glad your plans fell through, because I really don't like how crazy April Fool's Day has gotten. It's at the point now where for a good 48 hours you need to take everything with a grain of salt, and g-d help you if you have any REAL news during that time because some people will think it's a joke even if it's not.

Call me a stick-in-the-mud with no sense of humor, if you like. It might even be true. :p

Well, you won't find that lawsuit that's coming this week much of a joke either. You must cease and desist from using our imagery, recipes, and the name "Alinea" in your URL. Immediately.

[Nick -- is it coming from the law firm of Petrillo, Nylund, Devereaux, Zbornak, LLP? -------CB]

Hi, it's raining in my corner of Idaho, Obama is going to win in 2012, and I don't watch Mad Men. I wish I had more time to cook and access to a better variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but until I graduate and move someplace less rural, your blog is an entertaining substitute.

Oh, the perfect time to de-lurk. I'm a long-time reader, and a fellow food blogger from Sweden.


That's all I've got.

Mad Men is delayed?! Aww, man. I've got a newborn at home so I've lost touch with pretty much everything.

thanks for notice'n me.

I'm helping my son buy his first car this weekend, I think. He has the money and found the right car. Now he just needs the seller to get with the program and get it smogged tomorrow. LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD. Only now he's balking. He's not going to sell it to someone else, and he doesn't want more money, he's just, near as I can tell, lazy. *sigh* You can lead a jackass to water, but you can't motivate him with cash, apparently.

Since I don't watch Mad Men I'm not nearly as upset by that delay in broadcasting as I am by the delay in the broadcasting of Breaking Bad. AMC better not mess me up by trying to put Breaking Bad against Sons of Anarchy. I hate to break it to the Bad team, but a sexy, young Jax beats out a musty, old Walter any day, and twice at night! (Well, one can hope.) ;-)

Also, going grocery shopping because Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare.

One more thing: I would love one of Chef Achatz's books, but I don't have a Wii.

Oh, Carol.
This is the first time I am commenting, and I've come to really love your April Fool's posts (a personal favorite of mine is the cease and desist letter). I've only discovered your blogs a couple months ago, and started from the very beginning of FL@Home. I've found your journey through cooking incredibly inspirational. As someone working in the restaurant business, I find it humbling to know that in the constant quest to learn and challenge ourselves, we all have the same joys, disappointments, hopes, failures and successes.
Thank you for all that you do.

Checked the blog first thing this morning to cackle at what you'd cooked up this year. Will just have to wait another year, won't I?

Gotta love April 1st.

Hi Carol,

I've been following your blog (lurking mostly) for a few years now. I think it was infact one of the first blogs I started reading, and may have sparked my interest in playing around in the kitchen.

I was attempting to start my own food blog last month (bought the domain name, hosting etc) but got disheartened when I realised I needed to learn coding to design my website just the way I want it.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?


I woke up this morning determined you were not going to get me like last year. Still say a Alinea truck in the East Village of Des Moines would be cool.

As to what I am doing today, well my husband and I are pulling 15 Cat6 cables, installing 2 patch panels, 2-110 blocks a fifty pair and a 25 pair in a salon retail store. We are a small business that does network cabling. Need your house wired?

I am too tired to write a haiku or something clever, but I WILL tell you a blog-related story: After reading The Reach of a Chef, I found your blog about The French Laundry. Read every one. Then I wanted to go to there. Tried to get into Per Se for our 20th wedding anniversary, no luck. Now we are Napa bound in May for a business conference for my husband, I googled "How to get a reservation at The French Laundry", found a way (Gold AMEX concierge service) AND we are having dinner at The French Laundry on May 24th!

A very long, rambling way to say thank you for writing this blog and inspiring me not only to be a better book, but also to reach out for amazing dining experiences.

P.S. Totally fell for both previous april fool's day blogs, hook, line and sinker.

Hi Carol!

I was one of the lucky winners in the SOS giveaways, getting a pound of Southern Skies Roasters coffee. It even came with a very nice note from Jeff, the owner, which was much appreciated. I wanted to thank you for the coffee, and say that those were truly excellent beans and I would order from Southern Skies again!

Well, it's an April Fool for me today - here I am in ANOTHER snowstorm! Give me a break!

When you did the post about going to work at Alinea, you took us all in, even Michael Ruhlman. That was good enough to last ten years.

Good one.

I have never posted before but thought why not try this time. I love your blog and look forward to every new post. Thank you for taking the time to keep producing this blog.

I was all braced not to be fooled this year. I even clicked on the link from twitter going "awwww, this is going to be good but I'M NOT GOING TO FALL FOR IT!"


So part of me is convinced that the lack of prank IS the prank, in which case I'm congratulating myself on the ability to see right through it (pats self on back).

(Because the only other April 1 recognition I've seen so far is some girl I went to high school with reminding us that ONLY FOOLS DON'T BELIEVE IN JEBUS, so I kind of needed this. . .)

Totally came here looking for your April Fools joke! Have a great day, Carol!

Sorry your Apr 1 pranks fell through, was looking forward to your annual post. Now I realize how long I've been reading your blogs. Thanks for the laughs and cooking inspiration.

Into the old pond
A frog jumps, then bounces out

wait a second ... truffles in march? this IS an april fool's joke.

Snicker. Vienna sausages.

Oh, I'll delurk for this one! Basically, I just needed an excuse to say hello to a fellow Jeni's fan--love that you're hooked! It's my favorite vice ;)

Aw man, I woke up wondering what your prank would be this year, and raced over to check.

Well, there's always next year...

Just a note to say that I never, EVER miss a posting from you, even though I'm not an Alinea cookbook owner. The Madmen news sucked the big hairy wazoo, but how grateful will I be to have them back in 2012? It will be like a long lost family member coming home. In the meanwhile, it is almost time for my favourite British cooking show to commence. It is called Great British Menu, and it's a little like Top Chef in that it's top quality cooks going head to head for a prize. Now that Top Chef is over for the season :( it will be good to have something to watch! Cheers!

Okay, I signed on this morning with gleeful anticipation. What will she do THIS year? How many people will fall for it?? Sadly, life (and a despot) got in the way. So, this weekend ...
I foolishly offered to test a recipe for Food52. Why I said I would make Bananas Foster French Toast, I have no idea. I don't even like bananas but that's going to be Sunday brunch. Hope I don't burn the house down.

Boo Hoo! No April Fools prank. I was all excited this year, giving me something funny since its been a crap week, especially with the weather.

Now I guess I have to actually WORK at work. It's all your fault!

Don't comment very often, so here's a haiku for you.

Just got Uchi book
Tyson Cole is genius
Foie gras nigiri

Lurker here! I have to comment because I would have been all SQUEEEEE if I had a lovely comment from Blaise like that!

Heh, now I can say that I have something in common with Richard Blaise- we're both fans of Alinea At Home!

Thanks for always inspiring me - I've always loved your blogs. Did you know that the son of the former Prime Minister of Canada hosted Canadian Idol? That fact came into play when I was presenting at a career day to three different groups of grade 8 students. I was in grade 8 in 1991, and during my talk I asked a few trivia questions, one of which was "Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 1991? Hint: his son hosted Canadian Idol." In every class several students answered, "Seacrest!!! Prime Minister Seacrest!!!"

SO upset at the Mad Men delay. It seems like AMC's two great shows, Mad Men & Breaking Bad, have about two years between seasons.

My mother gave me the Mad Men soundtracks, volumes 1 & 2, for Christmas. I have to say that I'm not impressed. Most of it is incredibly treacly "soft music" from the early 60s. I guess it works in the background of the show, but absolutely not something I'd voluntarily listen to.

There was a fair writer named Carol,
Who bought xanthan and guar gums by the barrel,
She expanded her skill,
With a great chef’s culinary drills,
Please continue lest your readers be in peril!

Whew, glad I thought of "peril" because I was going to take a bad turn with Colin Farrell :) Thanks for your wit and wisdom!! Happy April Fool's!

No April Fools joke?!? Now I have nothing to look forward to on my day home sick from work, except the hilarity of being kicked off the couch by a sleeping black lab. Who knew 60 lbs of puppy could be so possessive while asleep?

Love reading your posts, it inspires me to cook outside of my comfort zone more and more.

Dude, I am so bummed about this whole Mad Men thing. What is up with that? It's kind of like the NFL lockout. There's tons of money in play yet they can't come to a deal? Seriously? Just get it done. There are fans out there who need to know what happens!!

Delurking now! Thanks for all the great posts--I could just eat them up. I could also eat up Blaise's comments. Delicious!

Coming out of the shadows..Love your posts!..Hi, Carol..There were 3 men in a bar...Joy to the World...3 lines, 17 syllables,Fabulous day!...2day is my 18th anniversary..80+ here in San Diego 2day..Time will tell..MAD as hell!!! :)

Furious about Mad Men! Furious.

I am a first time commenter. Yay, me! I was wondering about April Fool's this year, because you totally got me last year with the Alinea at Home, On the Road prank. I keep coming back to your blog because you inspire me to take more risks in the kitchen - thanks for all the inspiration!

I hope that posting here doesn't make me a victim of yet another year's april fools joke (duct tape? AMAZING), but I'm willing to take that risk for a copy of life on the line.

Anyone else excited for Taste of the Nation on Monday?

Carol - Sorry your pranks fell through. This morning I said to co-workers "I can't wait to see the April Fools prank my favorite blogger has posted. Her pranks are the best."

What I like about your blog is that it pushes me to think about the constraints I place on my life and my kitchen abilities. I can read and see that my constraints are of my own creation and that I can push past them. I also love any mention of dachshunds - my favorite breed of dog. Dexy is adorable and I am glad he can protect your and your home from the dangerous deer.

What am I doing? I am trying to work on narrowing down my core genius and finding a way to make my living by focusing on my core genius. Your post on the day “Life on the Line” came out and some personal development classes I have been taking both mentioned the need to do this in the same week. It's hard work but I am slowly making some progress.

In the mean time I am trying to find a new place to live and my main requirement is that the kitchen been more user friendly and not depressing (my current kitchen has bad lighting). I have some prospects to view this weekend and am looking forward to that.

As a federal employee I am also keeping an eye on the countdown on gov exec about the looming government shutdown.

Thanks for inspiring and challenging all of your readers!

I'm sad there's no prank this year. I have to say I look forward to checking out your blog on April 1 every year. But I guess settling for a giveaway isn't so shabby either.

Delurking as well to share a few items.

Finally purchased the Alinea and French Laundry cookbooks, thanks to you. Have already made the caramel popcorn liquefied several times. My 7 year old thinks its the greatest stuff in the world. He calls it "popcorn juice". I made a double batch for me coworkers and lets just say they raised an eyebrow at me, but then most decided they liked it. Some thought it was too odd.

The cookbook is definitely intimidating but I'm gonna give it the old college try.

Also picked up Grant's book on my Kindle. I really was a great read (read it in 2 days--couldn't put it down)

Thanks for opening my eyes to all 3 of these books. They've definitely lit my passion for cooking again.

I hardly ever comment, but I do enjoy your blog! Learned quite a bit from the way you've incorporated master techniques into your everyday cooking. I also always check with your FL or Alinea blogs whenever I'm doing one of their recipes.

Read this morning that Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee's love child would be taking over Hugh Grant's job as most powerful food person in the world.

Would love Life on the line......but miss your April fools.

How you feel when chef superstars respond to you is how I feel when food bloggers take time out of their busy schedules to respond to my comments and tweets. So far, it's just been Drummond and Lebovitz and Dusoulier (and once from Ruhlman!), but I squee, nevertherless.

Thanks for demystifying haute cuisine for us home cooks!

I fell for your Alinea at Home Food Truck tour last year, and was excited to see what you'd come up with this year. While I don't comment much, I really enjoy reading your blog.

Delurking because, really, who can resist a haiku challenge:

Waiting breathlessly.
April Fools Day with Carol.
Prankless - how we mourn.

Mad Men deal inked: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b234049_mad_men_deal_finally_done_amc_renews.html?cmpid=sn-000000-twitterfeed-365-topstories&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_topstories&dlvrit=48939

Cool down the martini shaker dear. I'll be home...sometime.

long-time reader, first-time commenter, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH.

Lurker: guilty as charged. I discovered FLAH several years ago, and have been a devoted reader ever since! In fact, yours is the _only_ blog I read regularly.

Your writing style cracks me up to no end, and has made me have to explain to my coworkers/friends/boyfriend/whoever is around when I'm reading your posts why I am so often snorting and laughing out loud.

So: thanks for sharing your hilarity with us all - please don't ever stop!

I have to confess I was looking forward to your April Fool's prank and was very disappointed!

I'm an infrequent leaver of comments but a hyper frequent checker of posts so for simplicity I'm more of a lurker...


Knock Knock, Who is there?
A horse walks into the bar
Blonde writes a Haiku...

My Friday was spectacular actually...I slept in by mistake, got stuck in traffic and showed up a half hour late but was able to leave early. That worked out perfectly because I need the extra time at home because my weekend plans center around making two chicken gallantines and a pate en croute for my friend's surprise 29th birthday party. Somehow, the stars seemed to align because the weather is absolutely fantastic and it will be a beautiful weekend.

Lastly, I'm not actually that angry about Mad Men...two more seasons are locked and since I'm going to be in Afghanistan for all of 2012 anyway it's a wash. That means I get to burn through it on DVD when I get back (which is a wayyyy better way to watch your favorite TV shows!)

I am sorry your plans for a prank didn't work out this year...they're usually a huge part of my April Fools mornings...there's always next year!

I read on David Lebovitz's blog today that you are carrying his love-child? What is the news on this? When is the Blessed Event, and why did you not cop him reservations at Alinea for his Chicago trip.

Chicken skin and truffles? OMG. What else do you need to do beside fry that up and shave some truffles on top?

I was so taken in last year by the Alinea On the Road that I almost was afraid to look today. Thanks for making "fancy" cooking more accessible to us home cooks!

Hai. I normally hate this day, because I always totally believe everything I'm reading. It's frustrating.
Anyhow, this weekend is filled with studying, cherry-tree gazing, and soccer, but before that gets going, I'm looking forward to enjoying some amazing bolognese that I started this morning at 5:45 and will be done by the time I get home (slow cooker ftw!), AND I get to make an amazing lemon-sour cream poundcake for my friend's birthday. Excited!! Hope your weekend plans are awesome as well.

HI Carol - out of lurkdom here I come. Spring like weather here in Denver - high of 75, Rockies opening day and April Fools Day too. Thanks for taking time to cook all the things with products I don't own or would never attempt on my own. You make it all seem actually achievable to me. Have a great weekend.

So, this is no joke. I own a Wii. It's been hooked up for two years and used exactly once, when I had some guests over, including an 11 year-old who begged to play the Wii.

And I've been thinking of buying the Michael Jackson Experience because it *just* might be the thing that gets me to actually use that dust-gathering doorstop.

Been reading since the French Laundry days but I don't think I've ever commented. Here's a hastily-thought-of haiku:

It's finally spring
In northern California
Asparagus rocks

no fooling today
she squeeeeeees and dies, takes a breath
food trucks- so last year

the gun show calls up
can I cook for you? and then
squeeeeeees and dies once more

Did anyone else buy On the Line for the iPad? I did and it was SOO frustrating because the font was the same for Nick and Grant. Loved the book otherwise.

Very sad there was no April Fools this year, or is the April Fools there is no April's Fools?

I announce myself a Carol Blymire fan. I strip off my lurking cape.

I reminded myself all week that Friday was April Fool's so that when I read your post I would remember that whatever you post isn't real and I can't go find your food truck.

I was looking forward to your April 1 post. You're so creative! But, hey, life happens. I, too, have had a busy winter/early spring. It was so crazy in January, I looked at my husband and said "we need to make plans to get away". And where are we going? Chicago. More specifically: Alinea. A week from tonight. Can't wait! Happy April 1, from a reader in snowy Boston.

first time here o joy
michael can teach me to dance
shimmy shimmy shake

Busy weekend planned. I don't have a copy of Life on the Line yet, but am looking forward to reading it.

Your April Fool's were so good in previous years, I think you're covered for this year. :)

Maybe delurking?
Honestly, I'm not quite sure
Been reading since FLAH

Today in Texas
It's 92 and sunny
I cry at this heat

But I will cry more
If I do not see Jon Hamm
On my TV soon


I've been following your blog for what seems like forever and wanted to tell it's been a great inspiration and help as I've tried (and sometimes failed) to also cook out of the Alinea cookbook as well. It's tougher now as my computer is downstairs and not one room over from the kitchen as I used to have your posts up as I would be cooking and checking your post to see how I was doing. Thanks again for the help on what to do and not to do as well as the laughs I get from your posts.

Paul Goodrich

I am, indeed, pretty miffed about Mad Men.


You want a haiku.
Haven't done this since high school.
Will this one suffice?

To answer a few of your questions..

As long as Justified is on, it doesn't matter when Mad Men returns.

Hi! I'm having an ok day!

Seeing that Richard "enjoyed *some* of your recaps this season" made me giggle, the way he worded that. And I needed that today, as work was a spectacular fail.

Which will probably describe the rest of my weekend, too. I have two 50+ year old honeysuckle bushes that need to be removed in order to put up a much-needed shed in my backyard, and my gardening skills are nearly as good as my singing, poetry-writing, and sewing skills. Which, are of course, next to nothing. I'm sure the neighbors will be entertained, anyway.

Picture me doing that, and you may be entertained, too!

I bet you'd be pleased to know that I was describing your previous April Fools' Day pranks with my six-year-old over breakfast this morning. (She loves the Alinea cookbook and after hearing about you she wants me to cook everything in there too. Maybe one of these years!)

Son: Dad, what's the difference between confident and confidential?
Dad: hmmm...you are my son, of that I'm confident. Your friend Tommy is also my son. That's confidential.

Your jokes are the only April Fools Jokes I've ever enjoyed. Hope your day was full of fun anyway!

So I went over to Lebovitz's blog to confirm his joke about you carrying his love child. And he emailed me. He was cordial and seemed anxious to get beyond April 1 for things more significant could get the attention they need.
I am anxious to see how you guys handle shared parenthood.

I've read your blog for about 2 years now, and this is my first time commenting (EVAR).
I look forward to your yearly prank. In fact, I thought I'd be a whistle blower on the one when you posted a video with chef achatz saying he hired you. I noticed all the comments happened about the same time you made a post, and thought "genius april fools joke." This year, I felt empty when there was no AF post from you. So I searched deep in my soul and came up with a haiku that precisely reflects how I feel:

Me mad you no prank
Please give me book to make up
nom nom nom nom nom

I'm assuming it would be far too cruel for a comments giveaway to be an April Fool's joke, so here I go commenting.

The Mad Men delay is definitely upsetting, especially because it's really just about the companies fighting over who gets more ownership because it's popular. I'll take a writer's strike, creative differences, or even a star-turned tantrum over what amounts to jockeying for investment returns on what is an incredibly good, successful show that has nothing else wrong with it other than the revenues associated with its success. Ridiculous.

Also, I'm going to nerd out for a second and wonder if you intend on watching the Game of Thrones series coming to HBO. It's one of those books you're pretty sure cannot be done justice, even by an HBO series, but let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Oh man Carol! I was literally camping in the mountains yesterday and for the first time ever I remembered it was April Fool's day and couldn't wait to see what you were going to do. I tried unsuccessfully to look at your blog on my phone, but to no avail. In a way you April Fooled me to the max! :)

Hi Carol. I am still musing on your question about how to "chase greatness." To quote one Bufford Van Stomm, "it’s an interesting question you pose as it reveals not only one’s impulses and desires, but one’s deepest fears as well…" I am keeping an open mind and heart, and thank you for challenging me to take the next step.

Not to worry. AMC is not leaving you completely high and dry -- look what starts tomorrow. I can't wait to see this.


Thank god for the DVR - it's up against the new Upstairs/Downstairs.

Obama 2012.

Another infrequent commenter who religiously reads your blog but who is haiku-challenged.

Love your blog! Hoping to make a trip to Alinea myself one day.

Warmer for the weekend. Lazy day at home.

Don't care for Michael Jackson (just sayin').

Love to read though! (hint!)

Hi Carol.
why did the chicken cross the road?

I told the kids this morning that their dad and I were headed off to a sunny side hotel for a weekend "couple's retreat." It went well until littlest said, "You AND dad?" I couldn't let her start to cry on April 1. We did get a date night though and lots of sun today (finally!)
I'd love the book, no wii here.
Enjoyed your fb fool, though!

I don't think I have commented either, and I'm not usually that shy (er, online anyway) but you are the example I use to describe "having a voice" in ones writing and blog. Thanks for all you share...

Hi Carol!
I've been reading your blog for a year, and I've never commented. You've inspired me to buy the Alinea cookbook, which in turn inspired me to actually eat at the restaurant itself. I brought my cookbook for Grant to sign, and he not only signed up but came to our table and personally painted our dessert on the silicone tablecloth. So, thanks for being so inspiring.

This weekend my future father in law shot a rabbit off the front porch, skinned it, and not it's my privilege to cook it tomorrow. Any tips on cooking rabbit?

Hi Carol! I just lost my April bus pass (I actually lost it in March), got a C+ in calculus, accidentally tooted in economics (my face was FLAMING red), got a 20% on my dictation, and got yelled at by my program supervisor. Then I ate some ketchup chips and mint chocolate chip ice cream. All is well with the world. Surprisingly, using mint chocolate chip ice cream as chip dip isn't all that bad of an idea. I can't believe I've saying all of this where it can actually be viewed by other people. It must be the hormones. No, I'm not pregnant (or drunk or high, though it probably seems like it).

I love your blog. And you, but in a platonic you-are-so-awesome-and-hilarious way. That's not something I'm embarrassed to say. I wish I could write haikus like the other lovely commenters. Unfortunately I have the writing ability of a llama with opposable thumbs. So you just get a rather crappy recap of my week. My life really isn't that bad. Could use more chocolate, though. Anyway, love you, love your blog even sans awesome prank, trying not to be creepy but failing, thanks for letting me use your commenting section as therapy, Gaddafi sucks, happy April!

I just realized that I didn't answer any of your questions. Oops. Sorry.

Hi Carol
Started reading your Alinea blog right at the beginning after my husband directed me there. I subscribe to a lot of blogs. A lo-o-o-t. Too many as evidenced by the number of unread posts sitting in my Reader feed. Except yours - always love a new post from you. Thanks for sharing in your beautifully open way. My current food of the moment is miso soup. Homemade makes such a difference. Happy cooking.

Ok, OBVIOUSLY the contest is just an excuse to see how many shameless persons will comment on your blog while having never commented before... and it is OBVIOUSLY an april's fool in itself, and therefore the prizes do not exist.

But just in case I'm wrong, and since I'm pretty shameless myself... well... I'm commenting...

Keep up the good work !

Carol, I've been lurking on this blog for a long time now (ever since FL@H), and it's nice to have a reference when in doubt (as I too am going through those books). It saves me one lost dish once in a while! You've inspired me to write my own blog (which is more of a diary for myself, truth to be told)(http://thistasteful.typepad.com/blog). Looking forward to more dishes of the Alinea cookbook!

Firstly, I love your blog! I wait not so patiently for your next entry. ;-)
I recently acquired "The French Laundry" and have been spending my evenings gobbling it up. I think I'm in love with TK.
Secondly, since I live in Canada, I believe I don't really qualify for the give away, which is okay. I just wanted to say hi and please keep writing your blog.

I'm so bummed...

The roller coaster of fate has been toying with me. First, not even an estimated ship date on my Modernist Cuisine. Then, I see in the "Cooking with MC" thread on egullet enough information (even a spreadsheet) to make the killer mac & cheese. Order my iota carrageenan and sodium citrate. They ship separately even though they are from the same seller. On vacation this coming week; perfect time to play with processing my own cheese. Hard to sleep at night thinking of all the cool stuff I could do with "gourmet real cheese Velveeta" in my freezer. Carrageenan comes, yea! Sodium citrate won't come till TUESDAY. Notice Chris in the thread recommends cloth-bound cheddar. Search this morning and see posted just this morning that Whole Foods is featuring clothbound cheddar in stores nationwide for the month of April.(http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/2011/04/old-world-clothbound-cheddar/comment-page-1/)
My Whole Foods is in the nation, it is the month of April, so I rush over there today. No clothbound cheddar until Friday. ARGHHH!

However, one bright spot is being reminded of the month I spent in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland for a medical school rotation. The lovely 80 year old neighbor that had been nanny to the children of the doctor I worked with befriended me. She cooked a traditional island meal for me that included mackerel she caught and carrageenan pudding made from scratch. She gathered the seaweed, dried it, etc. We ended the meal with a wee dram of sherry by the peat fire. (Remarkably hale old lady, cut her own peat, too.) I will think of her everytime I open my jar of carrageenan.

Q: How does Lady Gaga like her food prepared?

A: Raw, raw, raw raw raw!

Q: What's the difference between pea soup and roast beef? 

A: Anyone can roast beef.

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.
Back to lurking.

I am so horribly sad and disappointed I am that there is no April Fool's joke from the MASTER of blog April Fools jokes. I look forward to your conniving all year long, wondering what can top the last 3 years. I guess the answer is "nothing". Sigh.

The Russian Orthodox church behind our house has real church bells that ring at odd hours on weekends. The songs go on for about 10 minutes every time the start up, and they play different songs as well. I spent my day reading about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and listening to the lovely bells.

Long-time lurker, first-time poster! I love your blog and totally understand your urge to SQUEEEEE at Richard's lovely comments. As a broke college student, I rarely can afford to splurge on expensive ingredients but this weekend the boyfriend and I finally caved and bought Kerrygold Irish butter and I don't think I'll ever have "regular" butter again! Yay food!

Hey Carol,

I checked out your blog for the first time after a friend of mine discovered we shop at the same stores. You posted about rendering beef fat, and that you had purchased some from Max's in Wheaton. I shop there, not just for good quality fat to render, but mainly because I keep kosher and it's one of the only places in town to get kosher beef.

Reading your blog has been very inspirational, not just to see a home cook with no professional culinary experience cook her way, successfully, through some pretty crazy recipes, but also, strangely enough, because you don't let your dietary restrictions hold you back. As someone who's always had an interest in cooking, I've always felt very limited by the cookbooks that are available to the kosher consumer. Your fearlessness in attacking and adapting these complex recipes has pushed me to do the same, and to realize how much can be learned in the process of trying (and sometimes failing!). Thank you for all you do.

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