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May 09, 2011

2011 James Beard Awards

Tonight, Monday, May 9, I'll be covering the James Beard Awards for The Washington Post along with Tim Carman, recent 2011 James Beard Award winner (for best food column).

You can find our coverage throughout the night here: Washington Post; All We Can Eat

Or, you can follow me on Twitter (@carolblymire).  You can follow Tim, too (@timcarman).

You can even watch the awards via live feed here:  James Beard Awards Live Video Feed

I have a good feeling about our DC-area chefs who've been nominated.  If this afternoon's celebrity sightings (Donny & Marie!!!!) are a harbinger of good things to come, well then, there you have it. 




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Have fun. Sounds like an amazing opportunity!

Luck to all!

Alright Carol, I expect a fully prepared cover story on how it went, full 30-min interviews with all of the participants (on video), story on the afterparty, and interview with the ghost of James Beards, and I expect this on my desk before 5pm.

Is it too soon for April fools jokes? :p

I hope you had a blast!

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