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August 31, 2011

New Post Coming Soon

So, I went to Napa for a little vacation and had a wonderful, relaxing time with my friends.  I was actually kinda bummed to have missed the earthquake, but happy there was no damage here at the homestead. 

I had planned to go to straight to the beach from the airport when I got home, but a little thing called Hurricane Irene got in the way.  I hunkered down here at the house, and was glad I trusted my instincts not to buy any ingredients to bang out some Alinea dishes over the weekend because, sure enough, we lost power for a few days and I would've lost all that (expensive) food.

The electricity went back on last night and has, thus far, stayed on so I hit the grocery store and got started on one of the Alinea desserts tonight.  If the first component of the dish I made is ANY indication of how this whole thing is going to taste, then I'm going to be a VERY happy camper.

Hoping to have a post for you by the end of Labor Day weekend.

Enjoy these last few days of summer, you guys....



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